Matching Values

Matching Values

The Matching values Process focuses on achieving the perfect fit between the company, the candidate and Claire Joster. A matching based on the values, the attitude and the company’s culture.

Internal Approach

Our network of high potential candidates are internationally mobile, speak at least two languages and have lived or worked in two or more countries. Global searches for candidates are conducted.

Succession Planning & Future Leaders

We work at all levels within an organization, cultivating current senior leaders and sourcing high potential future leader talent.

Confidentiality & Trust

The partnership with our clients is strategic, trusted and creates zero conflict of interest. Confidentiality and trust are key for us to succeed.

Understanding your Corporate Culture

We believe that in order for candidates to truly succeed in your organization they must all match your corporate culture. We expend a good deal of effort on this vital issue.

High Retention Rates

We work closely post placement with our clients and candidates to ensure a smooth transition and integration into the new corporate culture.

Leadership Based on Values

Our work is based on our values, including professionalism, reliability, responsibility, and collaboration, building long-term working relationships.