What we do

At Claire Joster we are specialists in Global Executive Search. Our methodology Matching values ensures that the candidates we present are highly qualified and appropriate not only in terms of experience and professional skills, but the culture and values of our clients. We act as trusted advisors, identify, headhunt and place high-potential candidates in the major functional areas.


Our solutions

About Claire Joster

Claire Joster is a multinational Executive Search firm that works across the globe with select clients. As part of the Eurofirms Group – People first holding with revenues exceeding the €437 million, we have more than 130 offices, over 1.000 employees and near 30 years of expertise acting as trusted advisors within the HR departments of top organizations worldwide. Claire Joster is the essence of our team of professional Executive Search experts.

Claire Joster is the essence of our team of professional Executive Search experts. Claire transmits joy, optimism, transparency, enthusiasm and teamwork. Claire shares a common goal and enjoys her work; she always looks at the positive side of things and, above all, the pursuit of happiness. This is how we are and how everyone in the team feels like: values and people are what motivate us.

The surname Joster is derived from an acronym formed by the combination of the names of the founding family. Claire Joster is an international company which started out as a family-run business, a commitment to the future with a generational shift which maintains the essence and professionalism of a corporate culture based on management by values.

With a fresh approach and a rich network, Claire Joster International connects high potential candidates with our market-shaping clients to help each grow and develop.

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Our consultants

At Claire Joster we act as trusted advisors, we identify, headhunt and place high-potential candidates in the major functional areas. Our highly skilled team members network with top candidates building relationships that allow us to deliver exceptional talent to our clients.



Where we work

With our headquarters located in Spain and local partners in different regions across the globe we are perfectly positioned to attract the best talent independently of their country of residence.